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July 12, 2022 at 10:09 AM PST
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Franklin Powers

Let's suppose you want to create a task that loads a TSV file into a CSV file on a daily basis. This task is meant to be part of a Batch script, but you are unfamiliar with Batch and are unsure of how to write the code. Good news, you can use the Sample Data Toolkit UI to figure out this code for you as follows:

1) Go to the app page for the Simple Data Toolkit UI, at the time of this writing it is here:

2) Click Choose Files.

3) Find the file you want to convert.

4) Click Open.

5) Select the output type you want, for this tutorial we will select CSV.

6) Then for script, select Batch.

7) Then click Download Script.

You will now have a simple Batch script that uses STC (Simple Table Converter - A commandline utility that is part of the SDTK) to convert the file you selected to CSV. You can now either run this script or integrate it with another one.

If you need to install STC, you can install it via Chocolatey ( with the following command: choco install stc

The script will look something like this:

stc "ga_sample.csv" textonly "ga_sample.csv"

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