Ortingo's Privacy Policy

Revised on April 25, 2024

1. Introduction

1A. Entry of Agreement
1AA. By using our site (the "site", the "platform", the "services", "us", "we", "our", "Ortingo"), whether or not you ("you", "your") are registered as a user, or authenticated as a registered user, you are automatically and legally protected by, subject to, and consented to this privacy policy (the "policy", the "agreement"), as this agreement, is, with accordance to, and depending on all and any pertaining and applicable local, state, federal and international laws pertaining to the jurisdiction in which you access and use our site, a legally binding agreement.

2. Your Data, Security & Privacy

2A. How We Protect Your Data
2AA. Your data, including files, data in our database, and other locations throughout our platform are safe against unauthorized access from those who have any malicious intent to misuse your data. Any notes located in your private folder, and pertaining media data, may only be accessed by you. Any posts located in your contact-only folder, and pertaining media data, may only be accessed by those you declare as contacts, through accepted contact requests, and you.
2AB. As a user on our platform, you have the voluntary option of enabling two-step verification on your account, virtually preventing the unauthorized access of your account, regardless of the unauthorized possession of your password. Your password, and verification codes are stored in our database using a secure hash algorithm (SHA), which makes them virtually impossible to reveal, even with their unauthorized possession. Your content (i.e. posts, private notes, and included media data, respectively) and account credentials, are encrypted while in transmission, using 256-bit end-to-end SSL encryption.
2B. How We Collect & Use Your Data
2BA. As a privacy-first platform, we are committed to respecting your privacy, and refrain from using third-party traffic analytics services, and developed our proprietary traffic data collector. The data we collect through your usage of our platform, is first-party traffic data (data belonging and shown only to us), of which the only data points collected, precisely, are your IP address, referrer, page visited, date and time, user agent (identifies your browser, operating system and device, and lets us differentiate your visits from those of bots and automated users, such as web crawlers), possible language preference(s) set in your browser, and, your session ID (if you're signed in). As such data is first-party data, meaning only we possess and utilize that data for analytical purposes, never sell your data to third parties, whether or not they are affiliated with us.
2C. Account Deletion
2CA. If you decide to delete your account, you may do so by going to the Settings page from the top-right navigation menu, then to the Delete your account option on the menu of that page, then, entering your password after carefully reviewing the prompt, and finally submitting the form. Afterwards, your entire account and pertaining data will be immediately and permanently deleted from our servers and database, with the exception of your username, to mitigate the risk of malicious session activity, and to monitor how many users are active, registered and non-active, and former, to provide current and future users a better experience, when necessary.

3. Cookie Policy

3A. How & Why We Use Cookies
3AA. Strictly necessary cookies are created by our platform in your browser. One is reserved for the purpose of storing your session, which identifies your account upon successful authentication. Another, is for remembering you accepting our cookie notice, so you wouldn't have to reaccept the notice each time you visit our site. On occasion, we may use additional cookies for interactive elements (i.e. offers and promotions). Our cookies never track you in any way. As you may notice, we do use a third party, to be able to process transactions for products and services that require payment. Any cookies from third parties may or may not track you, by which you will consent to and be subject to their policies.

4. Conclusion

4A. Revision of Policy
4AA. We reserve the right to make any changes to this policy at any time, with or without prior notice. To stay updated on this policy, please revisit this page.